Herd Management System

Herd Management System

Herd management system is an artificial intelligence based system which is utilized for the active real time monitoring of the herd’s health, production, feeding behavior and heat.

It offers easy recording and storage of your livestock’s data, herd management systems allow you to get even more out of your dairy automation tools.

 You can set up your milk meters (milk management ), paddock feeders (feed behaviour analysis), identification tags and more to automatically send data to your herd management system and give you the most accurate picture of your herd's health,

You can use this information to set specific feeding, milking and drafting instructions for individual cows, or to test and measure different feed ratios on production to maximise your outputs.

Unlike other heat detection systems which are based only on simple activity deviations, resulting in a high rate of false alarms, HMS uses real-time monitoring, based on a wide variety of parameters, which are far more advanced. Our monitoring and analysis of the cow’s activity patterns allow for optimal precision in detection of the time and duration of the heat. Consequently, Herd management system accurately identifies the optimal insemination time, substantially improving conception and pregnancy rates.

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