DELMER Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC) Production Plant ( 1 kg capacity )
DELMER Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC) Production Plant ( 1 kg capacity )

DELMER Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC) Production Plant ( 1 kg capacity )

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Our plant is able to treat material in the form of foil (or grit), supplying as a product 68% gold cyanurate salt.

The process takes place inside a work tank which is placed strictly under the hood and under suction, housed also on the upper floor of the building structure. This will allow, with some modifications, to discharge the liquid of the saturated solutions, inside the crystallization system, which will be placed under them and therefore on the lower level. This crystallizer is wheeled and equipped with a Buckner filter for collecting gold salt.

The work tank will also be equipped with a movable lid, with tilting opening and connected separately to a reflux head in glass, for the condensation of the produced vapors, which will consequently be directed inside the tank to which they are bound. This system avoids decreases in volume in the tank and therefore negative variations in the concentration of the salt in solution, thus automatically guaranteeing the right final title.

Downstream of the process, a liquid treatment system is envisaged for immediate recovery of the residual gold.

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