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Liners are the only component of the milking machine that come into close contact with animal teats, Liners need to carefully selected to your target herd and machinery, and changed regularly. we offers a wide range of original liners developed to suit your herd udder morphology, in order to ensure maximum milking performance while preserving tear health. Thanks to their special blends, liners adhere perfectly to the teat, ensuring vacuum stability and preserving udder health. We offers a wide range of liners made of high-quality materials that comply with foodstuff regulations and ensure maximum durability and hygiene during milking.

Our original silicone liners, thanks to their high elasticity, facilitate a comfortable milking process by gently enveloping the teat, ensuring maximum hygiene and longevity.

Technical Specifications

Mouthpiece type Round or flat
Mouthpiece lip diameter 20 ÷ 22 mm
Total length 300 ÷ 310 mm
Short milk tube diameter 11 ÷ 12 mm
Outer diameter 20 mm