Delmer Bucket Milking System (Single bucket)
Delmer Bucket Milking System (Single bucket)
Delmer Bucket Milking System (Single bucket)
Delmer Bucket Milking System (Single bucket)

Delmer Bucket Milking System (Single bucket)


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Delmer's Milking Machine ( fixed line with single bucket ) is excellent choice for milking of up to 15 cows/buffaloes at once with bucket sets.

It is equipped with Delmer brand's best parts which consist of every major technical and non-technical parts.

- It contains Delmer branded bucket set of SS 304 food grade material and one set of Fixed line system as shown in pictures.

Technical Features:

- Delmer Long Liner Rubber

- S/S 304 Food Grade

- Bucket Volume- 30 Ltr

- Cluster weight: 2050 Gram

- Milk Claw - 240 CC Vacuum Pump:

- Pump Type - Monoblock dry pump

- Power : 0.75 HP

- Rotating (RPM) - 1450 RPM

- Flow Rate: 250 lpm

- Voltage : 240 V


  • Easy for the dairyman - milking 8-10 cows per hour
  • Consistent milking practice - Uniform Milking
  • Ensures hygiene and udder health
  • Ideal for small farmers and small / medium dairy firms
  • Help to produce better milk quality

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